C2 Opportunity Scholarships was established in 2018 and provides scholarships to income-eligible K-12 children across the Diocese of Birmingham through the donation of Alabama income tax liability so that they can attend a Diocesan school of their choice. We believe that children should have every opportunity to succeed. Our fully accredited Catholic Schools offer an excellent education rooted in Gospel values and are ready to meet the needs of these students, preparing them for a lifelong journey of faith and learning that they might not find elsewhere.

How It Works

1. Estimate Tax Liability

Taxpayers estimate their 2020 Alabama income tax liability. If you overestimate and your donation exceeds your 2020 liability, you may carry your credits forward up to 3 years.

2. Report Your Donation

Step-by-Step Instructions

Report your donation to the state through your My Alabama Taxes Account. Don’t have an account?

3. Make Your Donation

You have 30 days to remit payment to C2 Scholarships.

You may mail a check to
C² Opportunity Scholarships
P.O. Box 59188
Birmingham, AL 35259

4. Receive Tax Credit

Once C2 receives your payment, you can get your State Tax Credit. Your donation will be verified with the state. This will automatically generate a receipt to your “Correspondence” folder in your My Alabama Taxes Account. C2 will mail you a receipt for federal tax purposes.